Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Is Multiculturalism really good for us? (White European Tax Payers that is)

From what I understand Liebours idea of Multiculturalism is,

That we the indigenous population of England and its conquered territories Scotland Wales Ulster etc.

Have our lives enriched by the Wogs Africans, Pakis, Muslims, Chinks, Sand Niggers Etc coming into the UK for no fucking good reason other than to live off our backs, bringing us the benefits of the way of life THEY left behind!!!!

WE ALL KNOW this is complete and utter bollocks, but for those who need further convincing we are correct and Liebours "Spade Aiders" are wrong, check out this Thai chemist shop (we kid you not!)

The fat dollop laying down is not dead, Oh no, she is the assistant waiting to serve customers third world style.

Now imagine how much nicer a visit to Boots would be if only Boots would embrace multiculturalism in the way Liebour wants us too!!!