Saturday, 23 February 2008

Everyone else can behave,so why not the British?

24 hour drinking and easy access to Alcohol has been a part of everyday life in Europe for many years, yet do they suffer the nightly sight of drunks falling over? No! So why do we? Maybe it’s the same reason that our youth seem to have little respect for others.

Poor leadership and a lack of standards & discipline in almost every aspect of life in Britain today.

Clearly that total mug we have as Home Secretary and her equally hapless boss our unelected Prime Minister, have not done any kind of research into the history of Prohibition! They just wanted a nice sound bite.

Well the fact is all prohibition achieved was the rise of organised crime, now this is one area in which Circus Labour have been very successful. Their genius scheme to lapse immigration controls thus allowing most of the eastern European Maffia into the UK to do business unopposed has allowed them to blame all the problems of the UK on hard working White non Muslim Poles!

Perhaps they want to have a repeat performance this time with Russian Bootleggers???

Friday, 22 February 2008

Europe makes moves towards Internet censorship

Internet "privacy" advocates are already shrieking that filtering Internet sites related to piracy, terrorism, and child pornography will have serious effect on their "freedom to communicate"!!!

WHAT A LOAD OF COBBLERS it will mean NO such thing and any right thinking person knows it.

We at the Smugboard don't care if it means some people might miss out on our words of wisdom,

If it saves just one child being molested or stops some cretin with a religious fixation showing other cretins how to make a bomb to kill westerners or incite others to commit murder.

What the fuck is the mater with Internet Privacy Advocates, are they all Paedophiles, Muslims and software Pirates? Looks very much that way to us.....

BBC robs the public purse again

Belive it or not the BBC (Benders Broadcasting Collective) is a civil service dept and as such it Lesbian and Gay hierarchy have no business in spending huge sums of our money “luring” presenters away from the commercial stations.

Wining Des Lynham back from ITV smacks of "we'll show those bitches" to us

They get their cash whether people view or not! They should go back to to their main function making quality factual and educational programming . Oh but then those oh so fragile ego's would not be getting their required quota of massaging by getting invites to all the best events in town would they!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jihadist or Terrorrist they all mean Death in any language

It seems that some of our Islamic friends "latest gripe" is the language we use in the west to describe the actions of Islamic terrorists!

Muslims complaining is nothing new, but this latest attempt at splitting hairs over the use of language rather than face up to stopping violence, is nothing more than an attempt to prevent Muslims from having to question their collective conscience over the tacit support they give to the scum committing murder on a world wide scale.

Our advice? If Muslims want to be taken seriously in todays world, stop behaving and thinking as though you are living in the time of the crusades.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - It was just days after the September 11 attacks in 2001 that President George W. Bush spoke of a "crusade" against terrorism -- a phrase which, for Muslims, evoked barbarous campaigns by medieval Christians against Islam.

(Right lets put this in perspective, the crusades took place in the 11th century! just how backward thinking are these people?)

Bush has long since dropped the expression but the choice of language in his "war on terror" -- itself a highly controversial label -- remains as heated and divisive an issue as ever.

At a major conference on terrorism in Brussels this week, for example, debate on how to tackle al Qaeda was punctuated by repeated arguments over the terms "jihad" and "jihadist".Frequently used by al Qaeda itself and by counter-terrorism specialists and in the media to denote "holy war" against the West, the word jihad signifies for most Muslims a spiritual struggle.

(As it is the duty of ALL Muslims to convert non believers I suppose living in the west must be seen as a spiritual struggle)

"You can struggle for elimination of poverty, you can struggle for education ... you can struggle for something very, very positive in life," said General Ehsan Ul Haq, former chairman of Pakistan's joint chiefs of staff."

Now to call jihadists as terrorists is either reflective of ...lack of understanding of Islam, or it is I must say an intended misuse, which again is unfortunate," he added. "It might have been somewhat excusable in the trauma post-9/11 but I don't think it is any more."

(well he would say that wouldn't he!)

Sheikh Mohammed Mohammed Ali, an Iraqi scholar, told delegates at the annual conference of the EastWest Institute think-tank: "Jihad is the struggle against all evil things in your soul...There is no jihadi terrorism in Islam."

(try telling the dead that one!)

But Nasra Hassan, a Muslim woman from Pakistan who heads the United Nations information service in Vienna, spoke freely of "jihadist" groups, and Russian counter-terrorism official Anatoly Safonov talked about the need to combat two types of jihad, "jihad with the sword and jihad with the word".

The differences reflect a glaring lack of consensus over how to describe an al Qaeda ideology that invokes the Muslim religion to justify acts of mass murder like the September 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.


Many Muslims are offended by phrases such as "Islamic terrorism" and especially by Bush's 2006 reference, in the context of an alleged plot to bomb trans-Atlantic planes, to a "war with Islamic fascists".

(Many non Muslims are equally offended by Islam's constant attempts to kill them!)

On the other hand, some argue such terms are justified to describe religiously motivated militants. They say that resorting to euphemisms is a form of political correctness that skirts the real issue and absolves Muslims of the responsibility to root out dangerous radicals exploiting their faith.

Officials have become increasingly sensitive to the language issue. In Britain, government ministers prefer to speak about "violent extremism" and security officials use the neutral term "international terrorism" to describe al Qaeda activity.

Raphael Perl, head of the Action against Terrorism Unit at the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said the failure to agree on a shared terminology in the wake of the September 11 attacks was "a major mistake on our part".

"One of the first things that we should have done is decide on the terminology and been consistent with it," he told Reuters. "Use of the wrong terms can be a major factor contributing to the radicalisation process."

Arguably the hardest linguistic challenge of all is to agree on a definition of terrorism -- a hurdle which has prevented the United Nations from agreeing a global convention against it.

"It is time for the world to get its act together," said Gijs de Vries, former European Union counter-terrorism coordinator.

"It is time once and for all to do away with the hypocrisy that killing men, women and children can be acceptable if done in the framework of a liberation struggle. Killing men, women and children is wrong. One shall not target non-combatants, that's a basic rule of humanity that ties us together across religious and national divides."

(We have two chances of the Muslims giving up their victim status and denouncing global murder dont we!)

The whole of South Wales on Suicide Watch

So 17 teenagers have committed suicide in Bridgend in South Wales in the last year. While this is indeed sad news and a terrible reflection on British society, the media has gone into a frenzy blaming Facebook or some sort of suicide cult.

Not wanting to trivialize the issue, but I can find an answer with a further question... have you ever been to Bridgend?

Do not belive this, it is just about getting your vote!

The lousy PC cowards of Circus Labour are starting to talk tough on immigration, so it’s a sure sign some labour seats will be up for renewal shortly, Yep we where right its May's assembly and mayoral elections!

Rather than face up to the reality of years of unrestricted immigration by often non working, militant Muslims & Africans with huge extended families from Somalia and Pakistan etc, they decide to play the safer white European immigration card.

This is exactly what other more “focused” individuals have been saying for over 20 years! Still better late than never shame about them having to blame the hard working Poles though!

But hang on a moment Circus Labour are always defending immigrant numbers by telling us how good immigration is for Britain, so what is all this about ? Its called conning concerned people out of their VOTES.

Still they can drop the whole thing after May when they have had all the mugs votes.

Anyway here it is:
Foreigners coming to Britain are to face a new "immigrant tax" under Government plans to try to make them help pay for the schools and hospitals they use, ministers are to announce.

They will have to pay a special levy on entering the country which will be used to provide extra funding for public services.
Jacqui Smith will announce the plans which include a 'points system' for those seeking British citizenship
The announcement follows growing evidence that health, education and social services are coming under increasing strain from immigration, with councils complaining that they need hundreds of millions of pounds more every year to cope.
Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, will announce that those immigrants assessed to be more of a burden on the state will have to pay a higher levy.
It means older applicants - who are likely to need more health care for example - will pay more than young, skilled workers.
MPs in areas where immigrant numbers have risen in recent years - particularly from Eastern Europe - complain that services are near breaking point.

Prisons OR Labour voters mortgages!

Alistair Darling has been forced to find £55m from the Treasury for an emergency handout to ease the overcrowding crisis in Britain's jails.

Now call us old cynics but this prison row has been rumbling on forever, yet Lead Clown Alistair Darling managed to find almost the exact amount over night and with ZERO security to bail out Northern Rock!

What the F**k is going on here?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Labour to shit on the elderly and less affluent again

The Facts

Circus Labour are planning to close 2,500 post offices across the UK with 169 earmarked for closure in London,

The dishonest gerrymandering!!!
However as many marked for closure are located in marginal Labour seats, Slimey Gordon and his incompetent cronies are refusing to release details until after May's assembly and mayoral elections!

Yet again Circus Labours Ministers are pursuing their own selfish political considerations at the expense of the public yet are making sure of their place at the trough before delivering the cuts that will hurt the elderly and less affluent first.

Monday, 18 February 2008

We decided It was the best course of action

So you reckon
Nationalise it yeah?

Alistair Darling the clown in charge of Circus Labours cash box (seen above with his advisor's) has had what he thinks is a brilliant idea “I am going to nationalise Northern Rock”

However Northern Rocks new executive chairman Ron Sandler has rather blown Darlings gaff by saying “All plans to save Northern Rock carry risks and there is no guarantee they will succeed”

Translated into plain English this means the following:

“Phew we (the bankers) are off the hook thank fuck” and that twat Darling is going to have to deal with a world of shit, We all know damn well the tax payer will have to foot a massive bill in the not too distant future, when those mugs at no 10 and 11 realise they cannot run a broken down circus let alone a fucking bank!!!

Still bloody nice of him to sling at that free cash our way though, Now where can I find another cushy directorship? I wonder if there is anything going at the bank of England, they do a damned good lunch there.

Shadow chancellor George Osbourne said Mr Darling was a "dead man walking" (We do hope he is right!) and nationalising the bank had taken the country "back to the 1970s and the failed policies of Labour's past".

Apparently God is NOT on the side of Islam,

Parvez Khan a violent Islamic extremist, who wanted to spread panic among the armed forces and the wider public by beheading a Muslim soldier serving his country in her majesty’s army has been sentenced to 14 years in jail.

Apparently the British and Pakistani passport holder was angry that Muslims were serving in the British army, which militants portray as fighting Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well the backward cunt will have plenty of time to figure out why Allah, decided he is wrong, and we are right, wont he!

A few more of these trouble making Morons should start to see God is not keen on you lot blowing us up, change now and accept our ways, or you could well be missing out on all that untouched minge you seem to think you will be getting your hands on when you snuff it.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Smith decides smoke and mirrors will fool the public!!!

Smith you ludicrous fool , you are not fooling any of US!

Jacqui Smith one of the "Lead" clowns in Gordon Browns Labour Circus, realising she has ruined any chances of increasing Police numbers due to her dishonest and shambolic handling of their pay claim, has decided she needs to deflect public attention from an inevitable rise in crimes such as Burglary theft etc due to low Police visibility and numbers.

So her advisors have come up with a SOS Save Our Stupid Home Secretarys arse plan. So Smith will be making a big noise about how officers will be “focusing” on violent crime Ms Smith will announce new resources for hundreds of metal-detecting arches and search wands in local communities.

Funny how she couldn’t manage a better pay deal for serving officers and making the police force look like a good career option for young people with the right stuff. And all to divert public attention from the FACT that we do not have enough Police officers to deal with ALL types of crime in the UK today and she has effectively scuppered any chance of improving recruitment with her heavy handed, dishonest, dogmatic & incompetent negotiations over pay, which left UK Police officers demonstrating on the streets!

As we have said before we would love to see her trying to park a car.

Your pathetic Smith, just do the UK the greatest service you can and resign from Politics NOW.

Fools Paradise

In Circus labour’s “no winners” Paradise, the standard for any kind of achievement is set by the lowest common denominator, or as people in the real world would refer to them losers.

So it is no surprise to us, to hear that Gordon’s clowns in the dept of education have come up with this incredible idea to prepare UK youth for the highly competitive the world employment market place…….. To drop oral tests for language students as they are “too stressful” yep, that should really help them beat the competition (NOT)

Go for it Gordon, we wonder how long it will be before, just like paper money pre war Germany, written qualifications from any UK state educational establishment in Circus Labours realm are deemed by the real world to be totally worthless.

We at the Smugboard are, just like the future language students of the UK totally speechless!