Thursday, 10 July 2008

Those oh so Industrious Africans are as you can see still hard at it but...................

Just in case Sepp Blatter president of FIFA (A man who has a lot in common with Mugabe, he was the only candidate at his election, he also believes in Africans being able to finish major projects on time and within budget, so its not hard to see how floored his judgement is!) has asked three other nations Britain, Australia and the USA if they would like to take it on at two years notice!!!

The phrase Mr Blatter uses to indicate the wogs have yet again fucked it up is that of a mealy mouthed politico” if a natural catastrophe forces it away from South Africa” This is despite the stupid lazy Africans having had TEN YEARS! In which prepare the Stadia, Hotel & transport infrastructure and security forces required for the world cup.

So how did Africa get the cup awarded to it in the first place it was clearly not ready or in any way qualified to be awarded the competition?

The answer is simple, another African speciality Corruption! Sepp Blatter gave them the world cup in return for his re-election

Our view is Africa should never have been considered in the first place it is a violent, dangerous place with little or no public transport infrastructure, or hotels! It was NEVER EVER going to be ready and never will be.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The mysoginist savages will have their pound of flesh but..............

In all fairness on this occasion we cannot blame them!! I know this will surprise some of our readers but.....

Michelle Palmer the British tart caught having sex on a public beach fears authorities will make an example of her. Good we hope they do!

  1. The sad old slapper knew the laws on public decency, after all she has been working there for three years!.

  2. The cop who eventually arrested her, had already let her off once!

  3. It is a Muslim country so common courtesy tells you not to abuse the "Privilege" of being allowed to drink, so we have little sympathy with Ms Palmer, this is just another example of Brits loose morals getting them into trouble, (Remember the druggy little tart Scarlett Keeling?)

  4. it is about time UK nationals started to respect other peoples cultures when they are in their countries.

We thought we would put a snaps in to show Ms Palmer a little of what she can start looking forward to. And make no bones about it with the price of oil so high, the old slapper can expect little help from any of "Circus Labour's" failures.

Gormless Gordon already upset OPEC members by telling them to drop oil prices yet at the same time refusing to cut the tax which is actually far higher than the cost of the oil in the first place!!!!!!

JUSTICE in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates is super-strict compared to Britain. (we could learn from some of this)

There are fearsome sentences and jails are notorious. (Good Idea)

Penalties for drugs include EXECUTION by firing squad, stoning or beheading. (Great Idea)

Radio 1 DJ Grooverider – real name Raymond Bingham, 40 – was jailed for four years after 2g of cannabis was found in his pocket. (Typical of his ilke so arrogant they think they can do as they like)

And a teenage girl was sentenced to 60 lashes for illicit sex. (This would help us hard working tax payers save money instead of being "forced to support" thousand of illegitimate babies each year do not forget Contraception is free! So we say a good idea)

Prisoners have told of appalling regimes inside jails, with inmates often flogged and raped. (Great Idea)

Booze is available to non-Muslims at hotel bars, but it is an offence to drink or be drunk in public. (this is very fair in our opinion)

Sentences can include long prison terms or heavy fines and one woman was whipped 80 times. (Depends what she was guilty of)