Monday, 17 December 2007

Circus Labour's spin on the floods

Acording to the cronies Circus Labour appointed to investigate (at great expense to the UK tax payer) why we got flooded in the summer.

Britain was ill-prepared for the floods which caused devastation across Britain this summer and urgent action is required to improve defences and early-warning systems, according to a Commons report.
Sir Michael Pitt, chairman of today's interim report, said the floods which damaged thousands of homes and caused billions of pounds worth of damage were a "wake-up call" for the country.

How insulting, people have been warning central govt, against allowing developers to build on flood plain and the lack of flood defences, despite hundreds of requests from local authorites for additional funding to combat potential fooding they were all ignored, Hence we get a bland report instead of what we should have had a condemnation of Circus Labour's criminal incompetence.

The truth is that "Circus Labour" had a better use for the cash, none other than their favourite special interest groups "The Foolish The Feckless and The Feral" and of course those much needed "community liason officers" Oh and not forgetting an illegal war to be faught on behalf of the US Oil companys!!!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Shock X Factor Result?

If you believe that, you are almost certainly amoungst those who believe the worldto be flat.

How on earth would “Simon Scowell” manage to recoup his £1,00000.00 on an opera singer! How would he sell the kiss and tell secrets of a opera singer and his conquests to the girlie gossip mag's? When will the stupid viewers learn its all a fucking set up, there are millions of pounds at stake they simply cannot risk letting the public decide the outcome.

Not convinced?

OK Just cast your mind back to what happened when the public was allowed to vote for a less than stunning FAT bird to win Pop Idol 2003, anyone remember her name, anyone heard of her since? Just to help you it was Michelle McManus and no, she is NOT listed as a “STAR” on

You would also do well to know "The X Factor" was devised as a "replacement" for the massively popular “Pop Idol” which was put on indefinite hiatus after its second series.

A strange thing to do to a hit show you might think? Not when you find out it was all because Simon Cowell wished to ditch Simon Fuller and launch a show that HE owned all the television rights to!!!!!!!

The perceived similarity between the shows later became the subject of a legal dispute

But like all greedy fucker's Cowell was worried at the prospect of shelling out cash to lawyers!!! so

TV mogul Simon Fuller has been made a partner on hit show The X Factor after settling his fight with rival Simon Cowell.

Fuller had claimed that Cowell, one of The X Factor star judges, pinched the formula from his successful Pop Idol programmes.

The pair were heading for a £100million High Court showdown until lawyers thrashed out a deal.

£100 MillionWOW!!!! Still think its a shock the pretty boy won!!!!!!!!

X Factor fans complain over phone-in votes

By Megan Levy
Last Updated: 2:02pm GMT 16/12/2007

Fans of Welsh baritone Rhydian Roberts claim he was robbed of the X Factor crown last night because the talent show's voting lines were constantly engaged.

The ITV1 programme's message board and Rhydian Roberts fansites have today been inundated with complaints from fans claiming they could not get through to register their vote.

Scottish vocalist Leon Jackson was the surprise winner in the finale, upsetting Roberts – the bookmakers' favourite - and sibling duo Same Difference to take the title.

An X Factor spokesperson today denied there were problems with the show's voting system, although she said some viewers may have had problems with their phone service providers.

But in a year in which broadcasters have been dogged by phone-in scandals, fans immediately suspected foul play.

Votes & Rights are more important than teenage lives

By refusing to give the Police absolute Stop and Search powers, those silly fuckers Circus Labour and the anti racist PC brigade are presiding over a rising pile of body bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Teenagers Stabbed To Death

Updated:15:54, Sunday December 16, 2007

Two teenagers have died after being stabbed in separate knife attacks which took place on the same day.

The first incident took place outside the station in Dewsbury, west Yorkshire. Two people have been arrested.

The victim, who lived near the scene of the stabbing, was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical condition and died later from his injuries.

Officers were called to the station on Saturday afternoon after receiving reports a youth had been seriously assaulted.

They arrested another teenager, also 17, at the scene.

Police later detained a 24-year-old in the area, and he is also being questioned.

Later, in north London, a mass brawl ended with one 16-year-old being fatally stabbed and another seriously injured.

Fourteen people have been arrested in connection with the murder and disturbance in Stoke Newington.

Residents described a loud and raucous party which began in the early evening.

By 11pm nearly a hundred people, most in their teens and early 20s, had congregated in and outside the hall.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said a teenage youth was taken to the Royal London Hospital suffering from a stab wound.

Police believe they know the identity of the victim and next of kin are being informed.

The pot calls the kettle black

John Major accuses Labour of 'sleaze'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Major wants Labour to apologise for its sleaze campaign

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has accused Labour of presiding over "systemic sleaze" during its 10 years in government.

Sir John said the government had become "institutionally careless", citing as examples the Bernie Ecclestone affair and the David Abrahams funding row.

He said "Tories had misbehaved when he was PM as individuals not members of government".

For those not familiar with the blamless life of "Saint John"!!!!!

"It is time to get back to basics: to self-discipline and respect for the law, to consideration for others, to accepting responsibility for yourself and your family, and not shuffling it off on the state" John Major – 1993

This classic piece of Tory hypocrisy was spouted out at the voters just 5 years after this paragon of virtue, had finished deceiving his wife by having a sordid affair with one of his own staff Edwina Currie an affair that started in 1984 and ending in 1988.

So Much for taking responsibility for your self and family

What a WANKER!

ps We agree Circus Labour is sleazy though!!!!

Its not just your greeting we dont want love...........

This feckless bint, really must have the hide her face suggests she should be upholstered in. A Home secretary that does not have the support of the Police force, really should not hold that office.

Chief constables across the country are refusing to pass on a Christmas message from the Home Secretary to their officers for fear it will damage morale.

Jacqui Smith's refusal to backdate a recommended 2.5 per cent pay increase has caused anger among officers.

Cumbria's chief constable, Craig Mackey, did not pass on the festive greeting because he said it could "negatively damage morale". He added that "there was unanimous support not to pass the message on and I will write to the Home Secretary explaining this".


Another chief constable said that many of his colleagues were also refusing to pass on the message.

In her private letter, Ms Smith praised the "hard work, commitment and sacrifices" of the 140,000 officers.

The country's 43 forces have joined with the Police Federation in taking the Home Secretary to court over her decision not to backdate the pay rise. The Home Office declined to comment.

Bankers & Bombers the big beneficiary's under Circus Labour

Clearly our unelected Prime Minister and that clueless bint he made Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, feel OUR tax pounds are better spent saving city fat cats bonus's and peoples mortgages, than paying for a properly funded Police force and a decent anti Terror response!

The Simple Sums:

Cost to UK Tax Payers of paying the Police back pay and funding anti terror measures £100 Million: Benefit to UK tax payers? We all rely upon the Police, and with the constant threat Islam now presents to the UK we all need more better equipped Police on the street and a well funded Anti Terror strategy: BTW all cabinet ministers get round the clock protection regardless!!!! So far no money found and Circus Labour trying to find a way out of paying it!!!!

Cost of UK tax payers bailing out the Directors and Share Holders of a private Bank £40 BILLION and rising!: Benefit to UK tax payers? Almost none other that to provide a safe refuge for the few that have a mortgage or savings with Northern Rock, and of course those Directors & employees who will now get the bonus's they are “owed” : Circus Labour spent our money immediately and gave it with no security. It is also a sum larger than the total education budget for the UK!! So we could have twice as many schools and teachers if they really wanted to let us have them, What happened to “Education Education Education”?

Police minister Tony McNulty has told Sky News that the Government will not back down in the row over police pay.

It comes as officers threaten strike action over the Home Secretary's decision not to back date a 2.5% pay award agreed by independent arbitration.

By law, police are not allowed to strike and Mr McNulty said that would not be changing any time soon.

He said: "I am not getting into hypotheticals, they can't strike by law and I don't think that is a position that will change unduly."

The Government reportedly capped police pay because it needed more money to fight terrorism.

A top advisor to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said they risked not getting £50m for counter-terrorism if they asked the Treasury for more cash for officers' wages, according to a secret memo.

It says police are paid enough already, and dismissed police chiefs' demands for the right to strike.

But Mr McNulty denied the Government capped police pay to pay for the fight terror, saying: "No it is not the case."

Officers were awarded 2.5% by an independent arbitration panel but ministers decided to delay its implementation, reducing the increase to 1.9%.

"Circus Labour" Adopt National Front Policy...........


Whilst we see no reason to offer those here illegaly tax payers money to go quietly, (e.g. Do not use the discredited Human Rights Act to force the UK tax payer to fund they semi permanent residence in the UK)

We do find it hysterical that "Circus Labour" the party of do gooders who's ranks bayed for the blood of the leaders of the National Front,the first political party in the UK to suggest offering cash inducements to imigrants to leave the UK, are now considering adopting their policys
Does this show how far ahead of their time the NF were, or does it prove that neither Labour or the Torys have any credibility in their claims to control access to our nation???

Meanwhile, the Home Office has defended the payment of thousands of pounds to failed asylum seekers to persuade them to return to their home countries.