Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brown to take fight to ‘middle England’

Gordon Brown takes his “fightback” to the streets of middle England on Tuesday, with a crucial Labour conference speech aimed at challenging the Tories on crime and family breakdown.

You will of course notice this is just a "speech" nothing about real action or any kind of genuine commitment!!

Gordon if you really want to win over middle England STOP Kissing the wogs arses and try some of this the rest of your ideas are SHIT

A guaranteed referendum on Europe and commitment to keep the pound?

A guarantee to put a total block on all immigration and asylum seekers / economic migrants entering the UK until a genuinely workable policy can be formed recruited for and implemented?

A genuine reform and cut back of the UK's social benefits payments system.

An immediate stoppage of all benefit payments to anyone who has been in the UK for less than three years, the French make everyone wait two years before you can get a penny! THATS a FACT and the reason why Asylum seekers do not want to stay in France, no matter how many times the Labour party tell you its nothing to do with our benefits system being more attractive than the French!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants and the holding in custody of all future illegals

A guarantee to equip all our armed forces correctly BEFORE sending them into action and the full scale rearmament of all services.

Investigating the "undesirable" effects of Islam on the UK with a view to proscribing Islam in the UK.

The introduction of maximum limits on family child numbers based upon a means test, in other words if you cant afford to keep them you cant have them so no more kids being paid for by the tax payer.

Reduction in the rate of income tax

A guarantee to stop stealing the assets of people who have saved but now need permanent care

A 60% cut in ALL foreign aid

Stop giving homosexual couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

Make the flying of the Union Flag and Cross of St George from all public buildings at all times compulsory

Enforce all schools to hold traditional church of England religious assemblies and Christmas celebrations

The reinstatement of military national service

Bring back competitive sports to all schools

Now THAT might interest middle England Gordon.