Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This is ALL that stands between you and Pig Flu... Still not worried?

THIS is all WE have to protect the British public from a global Swine Flu Epedemic! and of course Liebour have no defences in place so they are now scrabbling about to see if one of their Indian mates can knock up some face masks on the hurry up, no doubt they spent to civil defence budget on another Liebour vote winner a Mosque!

Gormless Brown: Unelected One Eyed Scott's PM

Darling: Architect of the dismantling of the National Wealth

Smif: A soppy bint way out of her depth, with a husband who would rather have a wank (Cant blame him there) and an "unusual" view on what constitutes a "legitimate expense" we also doubt she can parralel park a car unaided.

The only one that is certain, is that they are All discredited, fucking incompetent FAILED politicians.

Sleep Well and don't forget UKIP at the Euro Elections in June!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Muslims in Swine Flu Riot.

Thousands of hysterical Muslims (Is there any other kind?) angry at Gordon Browns “total failure” to provide UK Muslims with special protection against “Swine Flu” rioted in East Ham this morning.

One “Community Leader” screamed “when will the Brown and the rest of the UK learn, Muslims are a special case and demand special protection from this Flu of Pigs.

Pigs are offensive to ALL Muslims, if one Muslim is the UK dies from this “Pig Flu” heads will roll” Allah Akbah

So no change there then!

Monday, 27 April 2009

No Shit Sherlock........

Not content with fucking up the British economy,
Gormless Brown the UK's unelected, one eyed, Scott's PM decides a trip to a "war zone" will not only make him look more manly, and it might just win him a few votes (At the expense of the public purse of course)

He then comes out with the earth shattering news that ........ Wait for it!...........................................

“There is a crucible of terrorism in the mountainous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Well who would have thought it!

Gormless we are NOT ALL as stupid as you mate, we sussed all was not well when we started sending troops into Afghanistan and they started getting shot at! The fact we have so many Paki traitors in the UK all of whom got themselves trained in Afghanistan / Pakistan was a bit of a give away for us as well.

Lets NUKE Afghanistan NOW, apart from a few Pakis and the Muj who is going to be bothered? and it would send out an important message to the Mujlims!


But Gormless do not make the mistake of thinking we are as dumb as your Liebour cabinet, we are not!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Darling admits his "Budget" sic! Does NOT add up.

Circus Liebour's headline Clown Act Alistair Darling and Gormless Brown (The UK's unelected wonky eyed Scott's Prime Minister) have apparently had a bit of a falling out over Darling's "so called" Budget!.

Apparently Darlings financial advisor's "Abdula Stitchem and leggit" suggested he should cut back on public spending (Unless the money is earmarked for Islamic or Nig Nog community focused projects, Remember first rule of socialist politics is, spend as much tax payers money as you can on the Ferral, Feckless Foolish Foreign and Failed and they will all vote for you!)

But Gormless in a rare moment of clarity thought the public might not like that and might not vote Liebour back in! And ordered his "Chancellor" to keep the "free money" flowing!

Any way the really bad news for the "Tax Payer" is "School Secretary" (about his limit) "Ed Balls up" is the choice of Liebour MP's to replace old "Black Brows"!

In short this so called budget was NOTHING more than the first stage of a huge public funded Liebour re-election campaign, funded entirely by YOU the tax payer.

As for that clueless fat bint Smith? We say make her try to parallel park a car live on TV then sack her!

Dont Forget: If You Want an Islamic Bomber or a N****r for a Neighbour, VOTE Liebour!