Friday, 27 November 2009

Its all THEIR fault!

Apparently, Women are suffering low self-esteem because of the impossibly perfect images being created by the beauty industry, a survey has revealed.

What a load of bollocks, Women fall over themselves to spend millions of pounds on fashion and celebrity magazines, attending the fashion shows and buying the clothes, shoes and handbags the "Nasty Thin Models" and "stick like celebrities" appear in.

Surely to god that is hardly the action of a gender that does not like what it seeing, is it?

Perhaps the creators of this so called "Report" feel women would prefer to see "Real Women" in the mags, I wonder how many copies of Elle they will flog with images like this pair of crackers on the cover instead?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Karzai refusing to sign ministers' arrest warrants

Suprise Suprise the Karzi despite promising to clear up corruption in Afghanistan is refusing to sign arrest warrants that would affect ministers.

What did anyone expect? he is not a proper leader merely a crook in charge of yet another Islamic third world shit hole. and WE are footing the bill of keeping him in power with the blood of our own good men and women.

Typical Muslim, says "fuck you" to anything they don't want to do but want US to look out for them! CUNTS one and all.

When will Brown and his Muj loving cohorts ever learn, there is only one thing to do on a Karzi ....................."shit on it" we should Nuke Afghanistan out of existence right now, it would solve a huge number of problems in one hit.

1. We can bring our troops home right now.
2. It will kill of ALL the heroin producers in one hit
3. It will hopefully kill off all the scum in Islamic Terror Training Camps in North Pakistan (we can always drop another if one is not enough we have plenty sitting doing nothing nowadays)
4. It will send a strong message to the militant Pakis "Fuck with us at your peril"