Monday, 29 June 2009

Jacksons Father sends Michael a final message,

After the whole family's fruitless search for cash at his home.

Jackson's grief stricken father uses a medium to send Michael one last desperate message.

Glastonbury??????...... Oh you must mean Islingtonbury!

Glanstonbury WAS a music festival inhabited by hippies and Rock Bands

Islingtonbury is nothing more than a fashion parade and "Must be seen at" bun fight for wannabes held in Glastonbury, and costs 175 quid to get in so few street wise hippies will be seen there nowadays!!!!!!

It is attended by up their own arse celebrities, "acts"! "artistes" sic, 40 somethings who think they are still hip, Public School kids celebrating end of exams and finally most of the BBC on a fuck off big public funded freebie (The BBC sent wait for it .................................414 people to Islingtonbury 09 at a cost to the public purse of
.........£1.5million is covering what is nothing more than a fashion parade for a few spoiled wannabes, worth THAT MUCH public money? NO!

Here are some of this years highlights

HANGING around jet-setters like her new best pal KATE MOSS is clearly rubbing off on that irritating fucker LILY ALLEN.

The titless, slack jawed, talentless, self opinionated "singer" sic, kept a helicopter on stand-by at Glastonbury so she could flee the festival at the drop of a welly (Allen a pretensious mouthy cunt who wore a white glove in a "tribute to Wacko! Yo right on Allen like he ever head of you!!!!!!!!)

A sturdy pair of wellingtons has always been a must-have for those at Glastonbury. But for the truly fashion-conscious, there is now a must-have must-have.

Jimmy Choo (World class Con Man) has created a pair of wellies embossed with its signature crocodile print pattern in a collaboration with classic British bootmaker Hunter.

They also feature gold buckles and a leopard print lining. Costing £250 a pair, they have proved a hit with celebrities at this year's festival.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley (waste of space BBC tart they have not got a spec of dirt om them ! no doubt the silly cunt was flicking her bean in bogs wearing them Ooooh my new shoes!) was the first to be spotted wearing them,

Annoying sisters Pixie and Peaches Geldof (waste of space air headed trustafarians) have followed in her bootsteps. Even supermodel Naomi Campbell (highly aggressive coon) has shown herself to be a fan during a trip to the festival with Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown (A fat old munter who should have stayed at home but being Liarbour just had to be seen with a wog of some kind!).

The 40 somethings seemed to think they were at some kind of anti airport demo Wankers this is not the place for this

is what Glastonbury WAS all about!
Proper geezers who only came out at night cause they looked so strung out in daylight
Spinal Tap looking at their worst, Boys your legends welcome, the rest are only there because they think they need to be seen, and THEY can ALL FUCK OFF.