Thursday, 18 October 2007

We may be shit at football but.............

We still lead europe in one area,
The UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in western Europe, according to a worldwide report on sexual health.

Now the bad news....

The study ranked Britain in the top 20 safest countries regarding health risks to women.

But, at 19th safest, the UK still lagged behind countries such Croatia, Estonia, Cuba and the Czech Republic.
We are one of the richest countries in Europe so why cant we find the money to establish quality schemes to protect our women's health.

Still as long as we have enough money to lash out on foreign aid and subsidise the lifestyles of imigrant Islamic preachers who it seems just have to live on benefits so they can spend 100% of their time attacking our system!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Decree Absolute

A man has opened fire in a divorce courtroom in Italy, killing his estranged wife and her uncle before being shot dead by police.

The gunman - reported to be a 40-year-old Albanian - was at the hearing to arrange a legal separation from his wife

Cameron to Brown: No-one will trust you again

David Cameron today warned Gordon Brown that no-one would trust him again if he refused to grant the British people a referendum on the new EU treaty.

Well David we have news for you, We never did trust him, or any of the rest of the inhabitants of the palace of westminister! THAT IS WHY SO FEW OF US TURN OUT TO VOTE.

Migration 'causes pressure in UK' but dont mention anyone of colour

Incredibly the United Kingdoms unlected leadership are now begining to admit what we have known for some 40 years imigration causes problems in existing communities.

Almost every UK region has difficulties in housing, health, education and crime because of increased migration, according to an official report.

The findings are contained in a report drawn up to advise ministers on the social impact of immigration.

What we find supprising is this: The Home Office's Migration Impacts Forum is meeting to discuss the effect of eastern European workers. How come when we have had almost unretricted imigration from the Pakistan, India the Indian Sub Continent, Africa, for the last 40 years, it is only the effect of our most recent intake that is causing problems!? try going to Leicester, Birmingham, Southall, Bradford, Brixton to see what effect imigration has had in these areas.

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said it was important to "strike a new balance" in immigration policy.

However, reports passed back to government suggested ways of minimising problems, including briefing packs on British society and laws, encouraging employers to provide English lessons and basic local council help with integrating into communities.

Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah of the Insitute of Public Policy Research said "it was time for government to move on from anecdotal evidence on the effects of migration" he goes on
"It's not surprising that migration has some social impacts in some circumstances - that's the case with any phenomenon,"

We agree lets do studies of family origin in all the areas above, and see how badley the balance in those communitys has been distorted especialy the actions and effect of large mosques in those communities!

This smacks of the thin end of the wedge to us the goverment is terrified of critsising anyone of colour but more than happy to blame the smallest group of white immigrants in the UK for all the problems!

Obesity 'not individuals' fault'

Individuals can no longer be held responsible for obesity so government must act to stop Britain "sleepwalking" into a crisis, a report has concluded.

No doubt this will vindicate the long held view, of the collosal woman I saw feeding her already overweight offspring TWO big breakfasts (with large Coke) in Mc Donalds on saturday morning.
That her child suffers from a "slow metabolism" rather than an excessive intake of food and a lack of any kind of excersise, and that the drug companies shuld be working harder on a fat pill to help people like her and her child.

I simply cannot belive that our government is issuing such misleading statements,

There are a very small number of people who suffer from genetic defects that make them gain weight, that also then precludes them from losing weight.

However there are a HUGE number of people in the UK
who eat too many calories of the wrong type (eg. the Fat's and Sugars ) these are typicaly found in junk food, supermarket pre prepared food, takeaway food (Curry Chinese Pizza), alcohol, soft drinks, Fruit Juices! fried breakfasts, white bread, the list goes on and on they then compound by doing little or no excercise.

All this stupid statement by UK GOV Inc does is reassure those indolent cretins leading this lifestyle they are doing nothing wrong. How fucking stupid can you get.

ROCKSTAR “We have the right” to produce……

Rockstar games are appealing against the British board of Film Classification ban of it’s game Manhunt 2, which features a character who goes on a gruesome killing spree in a mental institution, is the only game to have been banned by British censors in the past 10 years..

The firm, which also produced the smash hit ultra-violent Grand Theft Auto series, says it has every right to make such games - even if some find them unpalatable.

You cannot buy the game here so people are downloading it via the web, yet again we in the UK are being slowly poisoned by the junk culture of the good ole US of A (Unintelligent States full of Assholes)

Someone needs to tell people like Rockstar they DO NOT have a RIGHT to produce this shit…….

To rely upon the "we put parental warnings on these ADULT rated products" defence does NOT wash with me, any kid can find the game and load it! its not hard (lets not forget these games are designed for Americans to use)

I have personaly seen fat illiterate parents asking children which particular version of Grand Theft Auto they want next in GAME stores on more than one occassion. Perhaps the delivey method of these product needs looking at to stop casual access making it a positive action on behalf of the bill payer to allow access to the product? this proof could then be used in cases where underage access to such a product is at issue.

The sooner we wake up to the fact that there are parents out there who should be protected from themselves let alone from free access to this particular kind of "Electronic art"

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Carbon Copycats

Now, I'm all in favour of saving the environment, and try not to be too much of a waster myself. In addition to that, I never drive a car into London, so the congestion charge is of little concern to me.

But what is of concern, is the insane decisions made in my name by people I didn't elect. At the moment, everyone is jumping on the Carbon Dioxide Bandwagon (C). And that means that the Congestion Charge (remember: "Congestion" this is the important word) is now being based on CO2 emmsisions! Well excuse me, but I thought this was a congestion charge, not a CO2 charge? Perhaps if they changed the name it waould be easier to swallow, but I really cannot get this bitter pill out of my throat: My residents PARKING permit is priced by CO2 emmissions too. Just think about that for a sec. The price of turning off your car and leaving it at the side of the road is based on what it costs to drive it per kilometer!

I can't think of anything more crazy if I tried, and yet the local council has gone and implemented this without having to run it past anyone. I thought my grandfather died fighting against people like this....

They are all barking mad

So the only definitive statement issued by anyone in the 5 months since Madeline McCann went missing is as follows:

The mother of beleaguered Kate McCann has admitted that her daughter and son-in-law made a "terrible mistake" to leave Madeleine and her twin siblings alone.
In a wide-ranging interview with her local paper, Susan Healy and her husband Brian spoke of their hope that Madeleine will one day come home.
Kate McCann believes she is being targeted because she does not look maternal, her mother says
They said their daughter is tormented by the "scurrilous rubbish" about her and Gerry's culpability in Madeleine's disappearance that is reported in the Portuguese press and repeated in the UK.

She said that Kate, a 39-year-old GP from Rothley, Leicestershire, feels she is being persecuted because she does not look maternal enough.

"Kate said last night 'If I weighed another two stone, had a bigger bosom and looked more maternal, people would be more sympathetic'," Mrs Healy, from Allerton, told the Liverpool Echo.