Tuesday, 1 July 2008

"my children are not safe" Oh and who's fault is that then Cheri?

That criminal waste of flesh & oxygen,, Cheri Blair says "her children are not safe on the streets"! and get this "She is worried that knife and gun crime among teenagers is more common than official figures suggest! (NO surely not!!!)

Ah.....poor Cheri so you are finally facing the grim reality of you husbands criminal neglect of immigration, law and order and foul bias against the indigeonous white anglo saxon population of the UK for the last 11 years!
No doubt meaning that you are finding out what millions of britons
without official cars and 24/7 protection already know only too well.........

The multi cultural republic of Englandistan is now a third world toilet of a nation, that resembles every other wog infested shit hole on the planet, Violent, Crumbling &
going bankrupt!

Well love as for the figures.............we have news for you, your old man and his cronies have been making them up for the last 11 years, dont pretend you didn't know!

We know the streets are not safe we have always known no matter what phoney Tony said, We know "Circus Labour" have been making it up ever since they got in.

The really tragic part is .... We the hard working tax payer have been funding your dream world existence, whilst watching you and your ilk drag our once proud nation down to the level of the lowest common denominator

Anyway here is her ramble

The wife of former prime minister Tony Blair also called for more projects with inner city children that teach them "old fashioned values", like saying "please" and "thank you".

The news came as a Home Office minister said that new sentencing guidelines which will only fine children who are caught with knives should be reviewed.

Mrs Blair was appearing for the first time in front of MPs in the House of Commons as part of her role on an independent investigation into young people using knives and guns.

It follows a string of high-profile teenage deaths at the hands of fellow youngsters. The latest fatality was 16-year-old Ben Kinsella, who was stabbed to death outside a north London bar on Sunday.

Mrs Blair said: "As a parent I am concerned about what's happening when my children are on the street and I know I am not unique in that by any means.

"Anecdotally it seems clear that the perception is that it's much worse," she said.

"I think the evidence that we heard from people on the street and indeed the figures we were getting from hospitals, is that there are more people presenting with injuries caused in this way.

"Because this is almost a new phenomenon - that younger children are carrying knives and, sadly, using them - the statistics are not looking at the right areas. They need to broaden what they are looking at."(How cynical can you get! She finaly realises Circus Labour have got the UK in the shit, so make it appear it has only happened since phoney Tony left office just in case it fucks up his chances of driving the Europe gravy train.)

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe 'a hero', say African leaders

Private Eye sums up the sham election of the Nazi Mugabe perfectly, but we have to ask yet again how stupid & corrupt can Africans get? well check out our headline it says it all

We stated only a short while ago that all African leaders were as corrupt as each other and yesterdays vile display proved us 100% CORRECT again!

And reenforces our view that Africa is doomed to failure as long as it continues to try to "govern"!(SIC) its self.

South Africa's Mbeki could easily stop the violence in Rhodesia but he decided not too as the AU has a policy of not criticiseing its members (Why because they are all first and foremost crooks and secondly in African culture loss of face is a complete no no!) so it enables these joke summits to continue.

President Omar Bongo of Gabon, who has held power for 41 years and won a series of widely criticised elections, gave his public backing for Mr Mugabe as leaders met in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

"He was elected, he took an oath, and he is here with us, so he is President and we cannot ask him more," said Mr Bongo. "He conducted elections and I think he won."

Mr Bongo added that African leaders would not allow Western governments to dictate their view of Zimbabwe. "We have even received Mugabe as a hero," he said. "We understand the attacks but this is not the way they should react. What they've done is, in our opinion, a little clumsy, and we think they could have consulted us first."

Some keys facts about the crook Um Bongo
  • We should point out that Bongo ran Gabon as a single party state for 15 years!
  • In 2003 Bongo changed the country's constitution to eliminate any restrictions on the number of terms a president can serve!
  • So in February 2008, Bongo became the world's longest serving ruler, excluding monarchies!
  • Bongo is one of the wealthiest heads of state in the world, with this attributed primarily from the benefits of oil revenue and corruption!
  • No wonder Bongo thinks Mugabe is a hero!

Also almost ALL African leaders adore Mugabe because he took power by force from the only people who ever ran Africa properly (and the wogs know it) The WHITES,

Monday, 30 June 2008

Amy Whiner was crap and violent

As usual the Smugboard were right on the money as far as Whining Amy is concerend!
Not only was she carried throughout her entire embarrassing "performance" by her backing singers and dancers, she staggered about and falteringly uttered words that we took to be the songs that Mark Ronson has wriiten for her!

Towards the end of her set at the festival, the Camden-based singer climbed down to the pit in front of the Pyramid stage to meet fans.

She was falteringly belting out her hit Rehab and flirting with the crowd when the scuffle happened with an unseen reveller.

Winehouse's spokespeople told Sky News that a woman had grabbed the singer's hair and Amy was simply trying to push her away.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said no complaints of assault were received about the clash.

Subsequently, there would be no investigation, he said.

During the gig, the Grammy-Award winner could not resist pining for her imprisoned husband Blake Fielder-Civil, telling the audience "my husband is out of jail in two weeks". (like we give a fuck about the nasty vicious bastard, and she should watch out, he will not have liked her playing away, so we can look forward to Orrible Amy with a black eye)

Amy thrusts out her elbow
Amy thrusts out her elbow at another fan

You are no great talent Amy, your writers are but you aint!!!

Browns Clowns ensure UK Borders now officialy open to terrorists

A devastating official report has warned. It claims reforms to the Customs service under Gordon Brown have left UK borders almost defenceless!

So someone has finally said, what we at the Smugboard have known since Circus labour came to power first under "Bliar" and now "Brown The Clown"
this bunch of self serving slime balls are as much good as keeping the UK safe as a condom with a hole in it, is at stopping you getting the pox!

So, Read this and weep (yet again)

The report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary comes as the Tories prepare to unveil plans for a powerful new Border Police Force.

The HMIC found that controversial changes made when Mr Brown was Chancellor had left borders exposed.

Customs officers had been removed from many smaller ports, leaving them wide open to terror threats and illegal immigrants. (Oh smart move Gordy)

Staff were withdrawn from ports in the West Country, the North, East Anglia, Wales and Scotland, and put into mobile teams. But these have spent almost all their time in the major bases like Dover and airports including Heathrow. (Exactly as any sensible person knew they would be)

The report said this meant Customs had been left with little idea of what was happening outside those major bases.
Cuts have left Customs with just FIVE boats to patrol Britain’s 7,758-mile coastline – fewer than in landlocked Switzerland. (Yep about sum's up Britain under Labour any ponce can live the life of Riely here but protect the tax payer? No fucking chance)
The report warns that the shrinking fleet “means that vessels cannot be boarded or observed” along many parts of the coastline.
The Government currently divides border responsibility between the police and the Border and Immigration Agency, which is run as an arm of the civil service. (Oh lovely, another gold plated pension gravy train, that is no doubt staffed by unintelligible, failures recruited under Labours new positive discrimination rules, and paid for by the hard working tax payer)
Tomorrow the Conservatives will announce a plan – drawn up by former Met Police chief Lord Stevens – for a special police force dedicated to protecting borders from terrorists, smugglers and illegal immigrants.
The new service would be led by a Chief Constable, responsible to the Home Secretary.
The Tories say their plans will help rebuild Customs’ intelligence capability and tackle threats such as people-trafficking.
A senior source said: “Labour has lost control of our porous borders.
“This has not only had negative consequences for illegal immigration but has also allowed human trafficking and the smuggling of weapons and drugs to flourish.
“A Conservative government will implement a dedicated force with the powers to properly secure our borders.” (We hope so)

Glastonbury was not the only party this weekend!

Apparently the criminals there are "Angry" at being told they have to abide by the same rules as the rest of civilised society SO............BROADMOOR bosses threw a party for the killers and perverts inside to pacify them before a smoking ban comes in tonight.

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money were spent on a “Wellness Day” at the top-security hospital.

The 260 patients enjoyed a slap-up barbecue – with sirloin steaks and chicken – while a steel band played amid a series of fete games in a carnival atmosphere.

Fiends such as Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, cannibal killer Peter Bryan and Stockwell Strangler Kenneth Erskine were invited to the all-day bash.

Broadmoor hopes that the gesture heads off any trouble over the ban.

A source said: “There is huge resentment among the patients as 75 per cent smoke. Prisoners are allowed to smoke in jails, (Er Why?) but Broadmoor is a hospital. Under NHS guidelines, patients will have fags confiscated

We have a question.
Surely the governors at Broadmoore have a "Duty of care" to their charges, So if these people are there because they are "insane" and unable to make rational decisions, so have the Governors not been in breach of that duty of care by allowing them to smoke?

We wonder how long it will be before the first claim for damages against the prison service for allowing a loony to smoke and die appears!

Hip Hop comes to Glastonbury and ...........................

Thefts are up "Double" on previous years!!!! Anyone want to take a stab (no pun intended) in the dark as to why???

When will people learn, Wherever you find "Hip Hop" you WILL find criminal behaviour

Respek Michael, Respek, but WE shall be giving it a miss next time!!!!!