Friday, 8 February 2008

How is this for Islamic arrogance!!!!

Shaista Gohir, a government advisor on Muslim women and director of Muslim Voice UK, said she did not believe there was a need for Sharia courts because "the majority of Muslims do not want it".

Gohir is correct when she states
she "did not believe there was a need for Sharia courts in the UK" but as usual the Muslims and their lapdogs "Circus Labour" get the reason 100% WRONG.

Whether Muslims want sharia courts or not is irrelevant, Britain already has a justice system and that is that!!!

Oi, Cock in a Frock! Shut up......... NOW

Well I thought I had heard it all, but the hairy hippie in charge of the Church of England has really gone bonkers this time.

The C of E churches in the UK are empty and its no wonder with a head of sales that is more interested in promoting the cause of his competitors I do so hope his MD kicks him out on his lazy stupid arse.

His idea basically revolves around the fact that the Muslim community in the UK who are not noted for their desire to integrate and adopt a western way of life. Will integrate better if the UK recognises sharia law as an alternative system for those who have decided the existing UK justice system it’s not what they want! What a load of Bollocks these militant fickers just want an Islamic State in the UK and getting a legal system in place is the first step.

Well tough titty the UK already has a justice system developed over many hundreds of years that suits the needs of our way of life, and we see no reason or need to change!

The Facts:

Everyone in the UK is subject to UK law:

Everyone who holds a British passport is a “British Subject” and is subject to the laws and conventions on the United Kingdom, regardless of Colour Creed or Religion. The Muslims may not like it BUT that’s the way it is. They have no right to, nor do they deserve special treatment, they just need to shut up and subject themselves to our way of life and legal system.

But the UK is a democracy, and if Muslims feel that they simply cannot accept the rule of law in the UK, they are perfectly entitled to seek residence in a country that offers them a lifestyle and legal system they find acceptable.

Sudia Arabia seems like a good place to us, BUT it will not stand for the kind of militant behaviour in which British Muslims seem to think they have a right to indulge themselves in the UK.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Do I look Bovered? " "You cant touch me sir"

Ahh Jaqui Smith the clueless bint our unelected Scotts Prime Minister foisted upon a hapless nation as Home Secretary.
Has decided that the Police are to have "Special Powers" to confiscate drink from under 18 year olds!

We are all for the Police having extra powers but it raises the obvious question "why do they need them?"

when I was young if the Policeman caught you drinking he would just take it from you pour it down the nearest drain and threaten to tell your parents.

I can only assume that Labours favourite piece of legislation the human rights act renmoved their power to do this? Or were policemen allowed to use common sence and their own judgement in those days.

I cant wait to see the list of claims against the Police by the "I know my human rights generation"

Gordon please go now, take all your hapless fools with you, YOU ARE FUCKING UP THE COUNTRY MORE AND MORE EACH DAY.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The worlds best con men Stitched Up?

The Smugboad has long stated its view that the "Art" community housed some of the "finest conmen & women in the world" add to this the "Vandals" hiding behind the title of "street art" so you can imagine or delight when we see them and their spokes people stuttering and fumbling for a beliveable response when they realise they themselves have been "Done Over"!

Steve Wright, author of 'Banksy's Bristol', told Sky News Online the transition of art from the streets to the auction houses misses the point.

He said: "It's public art and expression.

"It's the most democratic art form there is and I don't think any of the artists would want to make it exclusive and costly."

It is likely Banksy would agree.

As he writes on his website: "I don't agree with auction houses selling street art - it's undemocratic, it glorifies greed and I never see any of the money."

Others take a more "Keep it real people" approach.

In the Stokes Croft area of the city, street art continues to flourish and it is not about making money.

Chris Chalkey, chairman of the People's Republic of Stokes Croft, (What a pretentious CUNT) wants to make the whole area an outdoor gallery. "It might be illegal, but it is expression and this is an amazing cultural centre for everyone," This bloke is also highly undemocratic, not everyone likes looking at the work of Vandals!

The Money Shot

Bonhams' urban art specialist Gareth Williams claims auctioning the art is a logical progression."It's accessible and iconic," he says. "People have seen it on the streets and responded to it."It's the market that disagrees with it staying on the streets. The art buying public want to own it."

So there you have it the Urban Art Vandals are being stitched up nicely and it does my old heart a power of good thinking about just how pissed Banks'y must be to see his vandalism lining the pockets of the really smart operators!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Threats Threats and more Threats

I think the Muslim Council of Britain is begining to see its self as the only body representative of the Muslim community in the UK rather than our elected parliament! and react with the expected threats! So what if a Muslim got bugged we say all MP's should be bugged.

LONDON (Reuters) - Muslim groups reacted with anger on Sunday to claims that an MP had his private conversations with a constituent secretly bugged by Scotland Yard anti-terrorist officers.

They said the allegations could damage relations between the Muslim community and the police.

It is public policy that law agencies cannot eavesdrop on politicians since a bugging scandal involving Harold Wilson's government.

But the Justice Secretary was forced to order an immediate inquiry after allegations in the Sunday Times claimed that electronic listening devices were used to tap two conversations between Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting, and Babar Ahmad, being held on remand while awaiting deportation to the United States.

Ahmad is accused of running Web sites supporting terrorism and raising funds for Muslim militants in Chechnya and Afghanistan, and with urging Muslims to fight a 'holy war'.

The Muslim Council of Britain called for urgent meetings with the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, and Straw, to ask for clarification on the "disturbing news".

"Today's revelations are simply appalling and raise a whole range of vital issues to do with confidentiality and how to hold to account the improper behaviour of senior police officers," Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said in a statement.

"This kind of behaviour cannot but do immense damage to the level of trust between Muslim communities and the police."

Infidels must Die!

As if to prove our point this news item hits the wires today, see our item below this one I think this makes the point who we are at war with quite clearly just look at the names!

But of course under the govts new "guidelines" we must not mention the war!!!

Five men including the brothers of two of the failed July 21 London bombers were today found guilty of helping them in the aftermath of the attacks.

The group assisted the bombers in evading immediate detection by providing safe houses and passports as well as clothing and food as they hid from the police.

Siraj Ali, 33, from Enfield, north London, Muhedin Ali, 29, from Ladbroke Grove, west London, Ismail Abdurahman, 25, from Lambeth, south London, and Wahbi Mohammed, 25, and Abdul Sherif, 30, both from Stockwell, south London, were between them convicted of 22 charges of failing to disclose information about terrorism and assisting an offender.


Siraj Ali and Wahbi Mohammed were also convicted of having prior knowledge of the plot to explode devices on the London transport network. They were convicted following a four month trial at Kingston Crown Court.

Dont mention the war!

I have news for the cretins that came up with the following bright idea, The fact is the UK IS at war with Islam and there IS an explicit link between Islam and terror just look around the globe! and more importantly the Islamic 5th Columists operating against our citizens in the UK.

Appeasment of agressors did not work in 1939 it will NOT work now, stop pretending Muslim communities are all for a western way of life, and start warning the communities that hide these monsters, of the dire consequences they face if they continue to support those wishing to attack us and pushing for a seperatise way of life for themselves. When will we ever learn ISLAM does not want to co exist alongside the west.

A NEW counter-terror phrasebook has been sent out to police, Whitehall offices and councils telling them how to speak to Muslim communities about extremism without alienating them.

It advises against use of phrases like "jihadi fundamentalist" and "Islamist extremist".

Instead, it suggests that words such as "violent extremism", "criminal murderers" and "thugs" should be used, to avoid any suggestion of an explicit link between Islam and terror.

The document warns that the use of concepts like "the struggle for values" or "a battle of ideas" play into the hands of those who wish to fuel the idea of a clash of civilisations between Islam and the West.

Stand Clear of the Trough Mr Piggy wants his "Fair Share"

Mr "Piggy" Conway the disgraced Conservative MP who has had the whip with drawn and will stand down as a Conservative candidate at the next election has now claimed "I am not a crook" ; Just to remind you this is the Conservative MP who employed his "full time student" sons as "reserchers" breaching the rules of Cambridge college as for Newcastle we cannot say.


A report said there was no record of Freddie, a full-time student at Newcastle University, performing any work in return for the £40,000 he received over three years and said he was “all but invisible” at Westminster.


Henry, 25, pocketed £32,717 during his tenure in the post between 2001 and 2004, a period which saw his £28,000 salary augmented with thousands of pounds worth of bonuses and even £829 overtime, which was al rather odd as he was a full time student at Cambridge which forbids its students from working we shal leave you work out how he managed to do so much "research" but clearly he has no problems in spending the product of the public purse.

F*** OFF
I'm Rich was the title of one of the exotic parties thrown by fun-loving fashionista Henry Conway, son of disgraced Tory MP Derek Conway. Well, at least he's honest about it.

Henry is an extrovert gay with long blond hair and a penchant for dressing up like Judy Garland, but you have to admit he has balls. Taking some £32,717 in public money for doing no apparent work and then blowing it on £100 cocktails at London nightspot Mahiki is certainly one way to get noticed. Old Harrovian Henry helpfully posted his party pix on his website too, which shows just how up to speed he is with new technology.

Mr Conway denied that MPs were overpaid for their work, pointing out that he took a cut in salary when he left the £80,000-a-year post of chief executive of the Cats Protection League to return to the Commons in 2001 and will receive a pension of £24,000 when he retires.

A fair salary for a backbench MP would be £80,000 to £100,000, rather than their current £60,000, "after all a commons Sous chef can earn that" "Mr Piggy" suggested (In our view 1 good Sous Chef is worth 20 politicians so hardly a good comparison Mr Conway!)

Mr Conway’s wife, Colette, who works as his Commons secretary, told the newspaper she supported her husband and sons whom, she said, had done nothing wrong, clearly a lady with at best, a merely tenuous grasp of the law and reality!!!

Thank goodness the newspapers are keeping us the "TAx Payer" informed of the graft swindle and theft that is so clearly rife amoungst our politicians. Mr Conway is but one amounst hundreds at in the palace of westminster. THIS IS OUR MONEY NOT THEIRS! THEY NEED A SHARP REMINDER THEY ARE ONLY OUR SERVANTS NOT OUR MASTERS

Sunday, 3 February 2008

He resigned to clear his name!!!!!

MP Employs His Mum, 80, As A Secretary

Of course the Smugboard new the real reason for his "resignation" and said so, Now Hain shows just how far he has HIS nose in the gravy train trough

But Mr Hain insisted there was no question she did the work for which she was paid.

"I've never hidden anything," he said. "She works really hard, and that's that. She's been here since 1991 and everybody knows about it."

Mrs Hain provides "part-time secretarial assistance and cover for my offices", he said

Brits on the Piste

A 46 year old British male has been killed in an Italin ski resort.

David Monk, 46, died when he crashed into a barrier on the side of a piste while sliding down a slope on a mattress, said a spokesman a friend is now in a serious condition in hospital.

Ahh the British on the piste................. experts! so why was the wanker on a mattress? for fucks sake we get 1cm of snow a year so why do cunts like this think they can handle real slopes and real snow?