Wednesday, 11 June 2008

"All the nuts come from California" No longer true

At first you may think that Stella Onions, claim that , "children should be weaned naturally until their baby teeth fall out to help fully develop their immune system" has a ring of truth about it.

However once you are exposed to a little more of her rhetoric "I grew up in South Africa where the women see breasts as something to feed your children with, not something sexual" and this is the "only reason" she insists on continuing to breast feed her children until their milk teeth fall out! (If that does not give them nightmares I do not know what will)

It becomes all too apparent that, this is nothing more than yet another loony parent living out their fantasy existence by involving their children in an "alternative" existence. Surely a family group photo should be sufficient? Not for a lifestyle zealot, they have to humiliate their children further by being shown in the act.

It then comes as no surprise she "Home Schools" he offspring (The last thing people like this want is real life experience clouding her children's view of the regime they are forced to live under in the home) the "bitty" sketch from Little Britain would have made these poor children's lives hell on earth.

No, Ms Onions is a full blown nut and living in the UK at that (Sorry California!) unfortunately she has the right to subject her children to any indignity she chooses, if she did it to one of their friends? I wonder how the law would view her affirmation Breasts are non sexual.

Words cannot express our anger at parents who wish to legitimise their alternative life styles through the involvement of their children. They are in our opinion abusers nothing less.

"You wont go far wrong if you tell the truth"..............

That is what my parents taught me!
But that was back in the days before the UK was a third world nation kept firmly under the cosh by the human rights act and the strident one legged black and asian gay and lesbian PC brigade.

One Tory councillor is now being forced to grovel for daring to speak out in an honest manner..

There really is no hope for this country!!! Read it and weep.

A Tory councillor has been accused of prejudice after suggesting immigrants should be taught that dropping litter is unacceptable.

Lucy Ivimy highlighted the problem of a council estate where a communal garden was being ruined by rubbish thrown from flats.

She said Indians in particular viewed throwing rubbish out of windows as "normal" and should be "firmly told" not to.

She said an "educational exercise" should be carried out so they stopped littering.

Miss Ivimy, 53, who sits on the Tory-run Hammersmith and Fulham Council in London, outlined her concerns in an email to Nick Johnson, chief executive of H&F Homes housing association.

She had heard about the litter problem at a residents' association meeting last week.

Her email said: "I think we need to a) sort out some regular cleaning up of the garden and b) conduct an educational exercise to tell people not to throw stuff out of the window - particularly foreign born residents.

"I know that in India throwing rubbish out of a window and total disregard for the cleanliness of a public area is normal behaviour and I dare say a number would change behaviour if firmly told that in London this is not acceptable behaviour."

Stephen Cowan, leader of the Labour group on the council, said: "It's a minority of residents who throw rubbish outside of windows and leave it in corridors.

"They are from all backgrounds and there is continuous education about what is acceptable behaviour, but it is completely wrong to say it is just people from India and all this shows is her inherent prejudice." (what a wanker)

Miss Ivimy later said: "This was a hastily written, ill thought out, stupid, personal e-mail.

"On reflection of course I can see how the comments may be offensive. That was never my intention and therefore I apologise."

Why oh why is she apologising? its is the bloody truth!

Fatso thinks its safe to go back on the box

Celebrity fatso Fern Britton "the proles" will already have forgotten about her misleading them about her weight loss in just 6 days! mind you given the kind of idiot that watches daytime TV she is probably right!

The fat fuck took the time off after apparently suffering from "nervous exhaustion" because of the criticism she received from some quarters for keeping her gastric band operation quiet, she had been giving viewers the impression it was principally down to a healthy diet and exercise. we now know she is not just fat but a lying bastard like all so called celebrities!

Monday, 9 June 2008

A Great Ad for Black People

Well we asked some time ago "can Africans get any more stupid"?
Well you will be depressed to hear that Afro Caribbean's have certainly found news ways of making themselves look utterly stupid.

I assume the fat black tart at the beginning of the video below (Entitled: Can I smell yo dick! we kid you not, you could not make this up!) feels that wagging her head from side to side makes her look empowered, we felt it made her look like something out of a circus, as for the fat blonde whore hanging with the "fat wanker" that really is damaged goods.

This kind of rubbish must make the heart of any community worker trying to get black people taken more seriously SINK.. Still proves our point about the degenerative nature of rap and hip hop perfectly!

By the way what is it with Blacks and mobile phones nowadays do they not know you hold them up to your ear to use them? they are phones not walky talkies but for the current fad I bet someone could make a fortune selling them a walky talky lookalike phone. Brings the good old days of giving the tribes trinkets beads and mirrors to mind!!!!!