Thursday, 10 December 2009

Labours latest recruitment drive launches in Nigeria

Labours latest recruiting poster is proving to be VERY well received in its trial territory Nigeria Africa it will eventually be rolled out in a wide variety Third World Shit Holes .

In an effort to ensure their message reaches every shit bag in:-
All the west African States
Saudi Arabia
All these particular shit holes will all have their own native language variants (All other scum infested rat holes including Luton, Bedford, Birmingham, Leicester and Bradford, Southall ,Tottenham and Brixton use the English language version) just to be certain that not one
Noncing, Poncing, Criminal no mark, Sponger, slips through the recruitment net, remember all of these wankers are of course potential Labour voters.

We should point out that this is the early version of Labours recruiting poster the later UK version points out that each sponger will also receive FREE MONEY a HOUSE and an extensive list of Asians who will employ them on the "Black" as soon as they land and that is of course BEFORE they even have a chance to start dipping their AID's infested wicks in a rape fest!

So you you tax payers, just make sure you keep doing your returns, Labour cant keep giving the "needy" a free ride if wont give them the cash to pay for it!

Remember there is nothing the Nig Nogs like better than dat jiggy jiggy ting!

Catholic Church Inc Faces it s greatest challenge

Ireland's abortion laws endanger the "health and well-being" of women who have to travel abroad for the procedure, a court challenge will claim.

Forget the Eire parliament this is entirely down to the dominance of the church in Eire and Ulster.

and we are certain Catholic Church Inc (currently the worlds Number 1 god bothering brand) will NOT allow any change that will threaten the dominance of its CEO's "Our customers MUST keep the faith" message in the Eire and Ulster markets.

I think it is safe to say ALL Catholic Church Inc area sales managers will be stepping up the "Do as we tell you" and "Guilt" message at all global sales outlets and especially those in in Eire and Ulster over the Christmas period, along with demands for increased contributions necessitated by the need to pay off some of the claims made by parents of children abused by some of the businesses sales staff!

I find it hard to believe that in the year 2009 we still allow a business that is as openly misogynistic as Catholic Church Inc to continue to spread their message of hate.

Here at the Smugboard we are no lovers of the worlds number 2 religeous brand Islam Inc and have pointed out on more than one occasion the vile treatment it dishes out to its women customers but we feel Catholic Church Inc is fast becomming an equaly gross a stain on humanity.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Islam the religeon of peace

Muslims the world over tell us Infidels the non believers, that Islam is the religion of peace, and try to convert as many of us possible to their way of life. The pictures below confirm

You cant believe a word a Muslim tells you.

Next time the politicians tell you not all Muslims are terrorists remember these images and make up your own mind!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Proof Membership of the €euro Comes at a heavy Price!

Greece finds out that membership of the € euro has cost them dearly, Greece is in deep financial SHIT!

"We need to save the country from bankruptcy."

Those were the words of Greece's new prime minister George Papandreou after announcing the draft budget on November 5.

Greece is the most indebted country in the Eurozone and has the misfortune to be heading deeper into recession as many countries appear to be heading out.
The budget deficit stands at almost 30bn euros a year - a staggering 12.7% of GDP.

Membership of the euro has its advantages but it also means that Greece does not have the ability to devalue its currency or print money.
Instead the 11 million people who live here are being asked to swallow a series of changes.
Most people believe, with good reason, that the worst is yet to come.

Journalist Alkman Granitas on the Greek economy
"There has already been an increase in mobile phone taxes, alcohol taxes, a new property tax and a pay freeze in the civil service," says Alkman Granitas, a journalist with Dow Jones, who lives in Athens. "Most people believe, with good reason, that the worst is yet to come."

Very few commentators believe that Greece is about to default on its debt, countries like Ukraine and Argentina are of much greater concern. But there is an anxiety about the prospects for the long term. Tourism - upon which the economy depends - is down sharply, so too are shipping revenues, another important source of funds for the government.
The government is planning to reform the public sector as it is over-staffed and regularly overspends, public pensions - the cost of supporting an ageing population - and tax evasion, as no one pays what they should. It is a radical agenda and is likely to encounter opposition.

Tourism is a major source of income This is the birthplace of democracy, people here love a good demonstration. Reform could well run into problems and, traditionally, when government has squared up to the unions it has ended up nursing a bloody nose.
The truth is that companies go bust, countries get bailed out.

If Greece does find itself in a position where it is no longer able to repay what it owes, someone will have to ride to the rescue. So who would it be? I spoke to Yannis Stournaras, a former government economic adviser. "We are a rich country with poor finances. The Greeks themselves can repay their debts. There is no plan B," he said.

The Greek economy had 16 years of impressive growth before this recession. Successive governments choose not to reduce the country's mountain of debt. They failed to fix the roof in a place where they say the sun always shines and, with hindsight, that was a big mistake.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ahh, That will be Islam, the religeon of Peace AGAIN!

Islam the religion of peace SIC!
(As demonstrated in Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Holland, Denmark, USA, Bahli and in fact just about every other place on the planet)

Was unsuprisingly behind the murder of 27 people and injured around 100 more passengers on the Nevsky Express, an upscale passenger train running from Moscow to St Petersburg last Friday. This operation was prepared and executed along with other acts of sabotage... against a set of strategically important sites in Russia, on the orders of Caucasus Emir Dokku Umarov," said a statement on

Umarov is the self-proclaimed leader of the "Caucasus Emirate".

The organisation has sought to unite various Islamist groups in Russia's North Caucasus and establish Islamic Sharia rule in the region.

It is good to know the sort of thing we can expect, once the Muslim hordes of Turkey are given unfettered access to the UK's wealth and territory through their entry into the EU. (For those of you who do not get it, WE the UK tax payers are NET contributors to the EU)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lutons Muslims Riot again!

The claim that Muslims in Luton are not extremists, has yet again been proven to be as untrue as the claim that Islam is the religion of peace!

This time the anti western spongers pelted a Muslim Peer with eggs because she supports the killing of terrorists (who surprise surprise just happen to be Muslims!) in Afghanistan!

It seems Baroness Warsi was attacked by a group of Muslim men during a visit to Luton, the scene of race riots this year.

She was mobbed as she walked down Dunstable Road and a group started screaming abuse at her. “They were saying something about her not being a proper Muslim,” a spokesman said. “But rather than run off, she stood her ground and said ‘Let’s have a proper debate, let’s have an argument.’ They just carried on screaming and shouting.” (Typical of the filthy Muj)

One egg hit her and soiled her jacket but her spokesman said she was not shaken. She was taken to a nearby shop and the visit continued with police protection.

And then Warsi shows her true colours

Lady Warsi said afterwards: “These men are a bunch of idiots who do not represent the wider Muslim community. I stood up to them and challenged them to a proper debate, but they weren’t prepared to listen.”

These people DO represent the wider Muslim community otherwise there would be Muslim street marches distancing themselves from these fifth columnists.

The fact is it is the duty of every Muslim to convert ALL non Muslims to their faith and not one Muslim will ever turn on a fellow Muslim their Mullahs teach them from day one they mustn't so they ALL give tacit support to the active terrorists amongst them..

Monday, 30 November 2009

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken

An image of an obese passenger squeezed into an economy airline seat has reopened a debate about how airlines deal with growing numbers of over-sized passengers.

Oh good we say perhaps we can start to debate some of the more irritating aspects of flight for normal sized passengers whilst we are at it!

Anyone who flys on a regular basis will know just how much total shit we have to put up with from litigation terrified airlines.

Lets start with those MUSLIM action enforced security checks.................The ones now being conducted by untrained Muslim agency staff! or some other illiterate retard who "always wanted to be a policeman" but was too stupid to get in (Unbelievable that anyone could be "that" stupid I know)

Then we have to endure Clueless Dolly's telling you to put a plastic carrier bag weighing 2 oz "under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker" - Limp wristed stewards telling "Not to block the isle" - snotty cabin crew telling you to turn off your Walkman during takeoff or landing, I really do not get that one at all.
After all If the plane lands safely what harm have you caused? if you crash you will either be dead or realise it might be a good time to take the earphones out and listen for instructions. That is once of the female & gay staff have finished screaming of course I am convinced one days on the cheap training in a Luton swimming pool does NOT guarantee cabin staff who are experts in an air-crash situation.

Then we get to the REAL issue here

Firstly how does this bloke get a safety belt on? he cant, so why do we have to wear one?

How does he "Stop blocking the isle"? he cant, and my bag is much quicker to move when someone needs it moved and will do less damage than this fucking unrestrained elephant in a crash!"

Will the passengers on his right be compensated for putting up with a fat sweaty smelly dollop for how ever long their flight is?

This just proves all those so called safety rules are pure BULLSHIT designed to keep us quiet in our seats and let the cabin crew get back to the cockpit (Apt Name) and carry on sucking the pilot and co pilot off.

So what to do with fat dollops who insist on flying???? PUT THEM IN THE HOLD with the rest of the freight that should give the fat cunts plenty of incentive to diet!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Its all THEIR fault!

Apparently, Women are suffering low self-esteem because of the impossibly perfect images being created by the beauty industry, a survey has revealed.

What a load of bollocks, Women fall over themselves to spend millions of pounds on fashion and celebrity magazines, attending the fashion shows and buying the clothes, shoes and handbags the "Nasty Thin Models" and "stick like celebrities" appear in.

Surely to god that is hardly the action of a gender that does not like what it seeing, is it?

Perhaps the creators of this so called "Report" feel women would prefer to see "Real Women" in the mags, I wonder how many copies of Elle they will flog with images like this pair of crackers on the cover instead?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Karzai refusing to sign ministers' arrest warrants

Suprise Suprise the Karzi despite promising to clear up corruption in Afghanistan is refusing to sign arrest warrants that would affect ministers.

What did anyone expect? he is not a proper leader merely a crook in charge of yet another Islamic third world shit hole. and WE are footing the bill of keeping him in power with the blood of our own good men and women.

Typical Muslim, says "fuck you" to anything they don't want to do but want US to look out for them! CUNTS one and all.

When will Brown and his Muj loving cohorts ever learn, there is only one thing to do on a Karzi ....................."shit on it" we should Nuke Afghanistan out of existence right now, it would solve a huge number of problems in one hit.

1. We can bring our troops home right now.
2. It will kill of ALL the heroin producers in one hit
3. It will hopefully kill off all the scum in Islamic Terror Training Camps in North Pakistan (we can always drop another if one is not enough we have plenty sitting doing nothing nowadays)
4. It will send a strong message to the militant Pakis "Fuck with us at your peril"

Friday, 13 November 2009

Another very good reason NOT to go to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

The best result most Brits can expect from next years world cup in South Africa is to get home without being mugged, Car Jacked, Given AIDS or poisoned.

But just in case you still feel "Oh come on it cant be that bad", just check out these Dumb mouth breathing niggers ooops sorry "Airport Officials" as they check out the carnage they caused by guiding a plane right through the side of the VIP lounge!

These knuckle dragger's should have stuck to living in the trees and fucking chimps.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brown to take fight to ‘middle England’

Gordon Brown takes his “fightback” to the streets of middle England on Tuesday, with a crucial Labour conference speech aimed at challenging the Tories on crime and family breakdown.

You will of course notice this is just a "speech" nothing about real action or any kind of genuine commitment!!

Gordon if you really want to win over middle England STOP Kissing the wogs arses and try some of this the rest of your ideas are SHIT

A guaranteed referendum on Europe and commitment to keep the pound?

A guarantee to put a total block on all immigration and asylum seekers / economic migrants entering the UK until a genuinely workable policy can be formed recruited for and implemented?

A genuine reform and cut back of the UK's social benefits payments system.

An immediate stoppage of all benefit payments to anyone who has been in the UK for less than three years, the French make everyone wait two years before you can get a penny! THATS a FACT and the reason why Asylum seekers do not want to stay in France, no matter how many times the Labour party tell you its nothing to do with our benefits system being more attractive than the French!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants and the holding in custody of all future illegals

A guarantee to equip all our armed forces correctly BEFORE sending them into action and the full scale rearmament of all services.

Investigating the "undesirable" effects of Islam on the UK with a view to proscribing Islam in the UK.

The introduction of maximum limits on family child numbers based upon a means test, in other words if you cant afford to keep them you cant have them so no more kids being paid for by the tax payer.

Reduction in the rate of income tax

A guarantee to stop stealing the assets of people who have saved but now need permanent care

A 60% cut in ALL foreign aid

Stop giving homosexual couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

Make the flying of the Union Flag and Cross of St George from all public buildings at all times compulsory

Enforce all schools to hold traditional church of England religious assemblies and Christmas celebrations

The reinstatement of military national service

Bring back competitive sports to all schools

Now THAT might interest middle England Gordon.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Helicopters? fuck that, we need the multicultural vote.

"Look Gordon I can prove I never said no to more helicopters" "Yeah but we still might be in the shit" so just keep walking and dont show them your shitting yourself, anyway lets not worry about it now I can get that wanker Malloch-Brown to shut his big fat mouth, "Oh how" "Simple I know he fucks Rent Boys" Nice one Gord sorted!

I just happen to belive as a Scott there are far more deserving cases than English troops to spend the mugs that work money on, ETHNICS!

Just think of all those lovely multicultural votes rolling in in the future, you have to give it to Tony getting rid of the "British way of life " in favour of multiculturalism was a master stroke and great news for the Labour vote not to mention Cheri's Human Rights practice keeping all the Muslim terrorists from being deported yep they were winners all the way to the bank with that one.

Ahh yes Gordon if only ALL Labour voters could breed like these multicultural voters we have allowed into the UK just look how well the Africans and Muslims perform about 8 kids each now ALL potential Labour voters lovely we will soon be back in power!

Do you know Darling I overheard one of the Tories slagging off black people he said "The dirty cunts would fuck frogs if they stopped hopping long enough" That is just the kind of unfounded racist comment I would expect from a Tory Gordon completely unfounded.................................

Take a GOOD LONG HARD LOOK at these images

REMEMBER next time our troops arrive home in body bags these are the WASTERS Liebour are spending YOUR tax money on, rather than giving out troops the Helicopters and equipment they need to win the war on terror.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Smith finaly admits what we told you MONTHS ago, she was simply not qualified for the role of Home Secretary

Smith admits total lack of ability

Jacqui Smith

We told you all on the day she was given the job she was clueless and now Smith herself confirms our view.

Jacqui Smith feared "she was not up to being home secretary" and is now bleating on that "she had not been given any training for the role"

Smith actually admits

"I had never run a major organisation" before accepting the job in 2007 and how shit is Browns judgement, to appoint someone so clearly inadequate as Home Secretary!

Thats rich then why did this feckless bint puts herself up for election in the first place? No doubt she needed to show what an empowered Woman she is or some other Socialist clap trap.

The fact is Smith is a typical Liebour ponce she took our money THEN tells us its not her fault she FAILED! shame she did not consider that before sticking her nose in the trough!

Like we said from day one

We would love to see her try to park a car!

Good riddence to bad rubbish

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Is Multiculturalism really good for us? (White European Tax Payers that is)

From what I understand Liebours idea of Multiculturalism is,

That we the indigenous population of England and its conquered territories Scotland Wales Ulster etc.

Have our lives enriched by the Wogs Africans, Pakis, Muslims, Chinks, Sand Niggers Etc coming into the UK for no fucking good reason other than to live off our backs, bringing us the benefits of the way of life THEY left behind!!!!

WE ALL KNOW this is complete and utter bollocks, but for those who need further convincing we are correct and Liebours "Spade Aiders" are wrong, check out this Thai chemist shop (we kid you not!)

The fat dollop laying down is not dead, Oh no, she is the assistant waiting to serve customers third world style.

Now imagine how much nicer a visit to Boots would be if only Boots would embrace multiculturalism in the way Liebour wants us too!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Jacksons Father sends Michael a final message,

After the whole family's fruitless search for cash at his home.

Jackson's grief stricken father uses a medium to send Michael one last desperate message.

Glastonbury??????...... Oh you must mean Islingtonbury!

Glanstonbury WAS a music festival inhabited by hippies and Rock Bands

Islingtonbury is nothing more than a fashion parade and "Must be seen at" bun fight for wannabes held in Glastonbury, and costs 175 quid to get in so few street wise hippies will be seen there nowadays!!!!!!

It is attended by up their own arse celebrities, "acts"! "artistes" sic, 40 somethings who think they are still hip, Public School kids celebrating end of exams and finally most of the BBC on a fuck off big public funded freebie (The BBC sent wait for it .................................414 people to Islingtonbury 09 at a cost to the public purse of
.........£1.5million is covering what is nothing more than a fashion parade for a few spoiled wannabes, worth THAT MUCH public money? NO!

Here are some of this years highlights

HANGING around jet-setters like her new best pal KATE MOSS is clearly rubbing off on that irritating fucker LILY ALLEN.

The titless, slack jawed, talentless, self opinionated "singer" sic, kept a helicopter on stand-by at Glastonbury so she could flee the festival at the drop of a welly (Allen a pretensious mouthy cunt who wore a white glove in a "tribute to Wacko! Yo right on Allen like he ever head of you!!!!!!!!)

A sturdy pair of wellingtons has always been a must-have for those at Glastonbury. But for the truly fashion-conscious, there is now a must-have must-have.

Jimmy Choo (World class Con Man) has created a pair of wellies embossed with its signature crocodile print pattern in a collaboration with classic British bootmaker Hunter.

They also feature gold buckles and a leopard print lining. Costing £250 a pair, they have proved a hit with celebrities at this year's festival.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley (waste of space BBC tart they have not got a spec of dirt om them ! no doubt the silly cunt was flicking her bean in bogs wearing them Ooooh my new shoes!) was the first to be spotted wearing them,

Annoying sisters Pixie and Peaches Geldof (waste of space air headed trustafarians) have followed in her bootsteps. Even supermodel Naomi Campbell (highly aggressive coon) has shown herself to be a fan during a trip to the festival with Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown (A fat old munter who should have stayed at home but being Liarbour just had to be seen with a wog of some kind!).

The 40 somethings seemed to think they were at some kind of anti airport demo Wankers this is not the place for this

is what Glastonbury WAS all about!
Proper geezers who only came out at night cause they looked so strung out in daylight
Spinal Tap looking at their worst, Boys your legends welcome, the rest are only there because they think they need to be seen, and THEY can ALL FUCK OFF.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Yorkshire Folk, They say what they bloody well like, and like what they bloody well say

However aside from being mostly Large, Loud and Self Opinionated they don't seem to wash and clean very often either!

A mother and father have been jailed for forcing their children to live in a faeces-strewn "hell hole".

House in York

The house in Clifton, York, was covered in faeces, police said

Two girls aged four and a one-year-old boy were found surrounded by dirt and debris a house in the Clifton area of York last year.

Their parents were sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty to cruelty, neglect and abuse.

The 26-year-old man and 24-year-old woman cannot be named for legal reasons.

House in York

The kitchen was piled high with rubbish

Officers went to the property after a neighbour complained about its state of disrepair.

They found the children sharing a soiled bed in dirty nappies, surrounded by rotting food and piled-high rubbish.

DC Debbie Outwin described the house as a "hell hole".

House in York

The children were found to be sharing a filthy bed

"The stench of the place was unbelievable. Even hardened officers who have visited countless unsavoury properties in their time, were knocked sick by the disgusting conditions," she said.

"But as we have seen in other high-profile cases around the country, this type of abuse sadly continues nevertheless.

"It is a sad indictment on society, but it is one we must all wake up to and do everything we can to prevent it in the future," she added.

House in York

Police described the house in Clifton as a "hell hole"

Police have praised the anonymous person who contacted the council about the house.

"This case highlights the fact that the actions of one person, and one person alone, can make such a vital difference," said Detective Chief Inspector Lucy Pope.

Gods Wonderful County THEY call it!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Idiot Students protest to keep Illegals in the UK!

There can be few sights more vomit inducing than lazy bitter failed 50 year old men wearing long hair and “Biker” jackets with megaphones urging on the student occupation of the offices of the SOAS in London by ill informed idealistic students on the basis of a complete lie.

The idiot students have been radicalised into supporting a group of immigrants who are NOT entitled to work in the UK, who once having secured employment through an industrial recruitment company ISS proceeded to protest at the poor wages they were being paid!

It is worth noting that employment agencies are supposed to check the credentials of ALL those they employ had they done so this problem would NOT have occurred so we hope they will be getting prosecuted.

Surprisingly this actually alerted the immigration authorities!! Let’s not forget these world class failures couldn’t spot a man without a passport even if they asked him for it and he couldn’t produce it! had the wops just kept their heads down could have no doubt remained here forever undetected still these parasites are not known for keeping their mouths shut when there is free money to be had.

Anyway for the students, here are the real facts rather than what the old pervs from Socialist Worker are telling you!

The fact is NONE of these people had any right to work in the UK we have EVRY RIGHT to deport them the greedy Wops and Wogs brought this upon themselves.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Muslim opportunist awarded £3,000.00

The Bosnian woman on the left has been awarded £3k in "Damages"

Fata Lemes, is a 33 year old Bosnian Muslim who worked in a cocktail bar! serving shock horror "Alcoholic Drinks" suddenly decided the red dress she had been told she must wear as her uniform degraded her and made her look like a "Prostitute"

She told an employment tribunal in central London the figure-hugging dress was "disgusting".

It branded her compensation claim of £20,000 including £17,500 for hurt feelings - 'manifestly absurd'.

But it awarded her £2,919.95 for hurt feelings and loss of earnings (So if her her original claim was manifestly absurd then why pay her anything?)

This woman only worked in the bar for eight days she is a photographer who does bar work to supplement her income.

Below is her face book photo!!!! now call me a silly old stickler if you will but the dress seems to cover up a good deal more than her regular garb! IF this Woman has been brought up a Bosnian muslim who must be modestly covered at all times as she claims, why would she present herself to the world on facebook in such an immodest manner?

This smacks of yet more Muslim opportunism to us

BOSNIA! and you thought Bosnian Muslims couldn't cause any MORE trouble if they tried! The "butterfly people" as the Croat's and Serb's call them were a fucking nuisance in Bosnia and it seems nothing much changed once they got here!

Liebour are the new Nazis

Gordon Brown and his discredited Liebour party remind us of the Nazi Party in the closing months of World War two. In late 1944 It was beyond doubt that the Nazi party had lost the war, they had taken a once proud nation and squandered its wealth, resources and indigenous population in a mad experiment that could never have succeeded.

Gordon Brown is very like Hitler, secretly attacked by those who wish to remain in power once he has had to finally account to the British people.

A failed unelected dictator, who knows all is lost, yet clings to his failed policies and socialist dogma in a final mad belief that he was right all along.

So in a final Hitler like display of self delusion, insisting his socialist agenda is good for the voters Brown has appointed a Feminist who thinks “Men should stay at home and raise the children” as the Government's new chief “spokesman” (Note the male association!) on families.

Dr Katherine Rake, who wants to see men bring up babies, will head the Family and Parenting Institute, a heavily state-financed organisation set up by Labour to speak for parents and children.

The Institute boasts that it 'brings alive the real issues for families' and 'listens to parents and carers across the country'.

The organisation was set up in 1999 by then Home Secretary Jack Straw to “shore up family life” and “encourage parents”. (FAIL)

Last year it received nearly £8million in public funds from Ed Balls's Department for Children, Schools and Families towards its declared mission of 'supporting parents in bringing up children'.

Dr Rake, who will take over from the Institute's founding chief executive Mary MacLeod, has long declared her intention is not to support parents as they are, but to revolutionise their lives.

Writing in The Guardian three years ago, she said: 'We want to transform the most intimate and private relations between women and men.

'We want to change not just who holds power in international conglomerations, but who controls the household budget.

'We want to change not just what childcare the state provides, but who changes the nappies at home.'

Dr Rake added: 'It is only when men are ready to share caring and work responsibilities with women that we will be able to fulfil our true potential to form equal partnerships in which we have respect, autonomy and dignity.'

Dr Rake is clearly as Barking Fucking Mad as Brown, and would certainly not have been out of place alongside the Nazis eugenics loonies

In the meantime his band of criminally negligent “cronies” squabble over the direction Liebour must take to avoid destruction at the next election, despite their failure and the success of the BNP they still refuse to accept the British people are sufficiently concerned about immigration to actually vote BNP

NO they stick to Hospitals and the agenda set by their UNION masters whilst dismissing the race agenda as being nothing but a sideshow to the REAL issues!!

Paul Kenny, leader of the GMB which has two seats on Labour's NEC when asked “if he felt the trades union had aright to so much power within the Liebour party despite the Trades Union Movement representing less that 28% of the total UK work force” replied “I can only speak for the GMB and our membership is growing every year” In other words “You can Fuck right off I am not being drawn into admitting we have NO right to claim to represent anyone!!!, Of course what he was really saying was "we pay good money for the right to set the agenda the Liebour party follows”!

The Trades Unions in the UK Just like the Nazis belive THEY alone have a god given right to set the agenda the Liebour party follows" and IF you mess with us it will be all the worse for you!.

Here is another great example of the kind of self delusion that has set in at all levels within the Liebour party.

Julie Young, for the St Andrews and Wivenhoe seat in Colchester, was the only candidate who managed to secure a Labour win in Essex. When interviewed on LBC this weekend stated her fellow members of the Liebour group on the Essex County Council had, and we quote “Lost their seats through no fault of their own!” In otherwords "the views of the voters are of no consequence here!" untrue Julie they ignored the voters concerns in order to follow the agenda of the Liebour party!

Rather like the local Nazi Pary officials in the 30’s and 40’s turning a blind eye to the horrors the Nazis were unleashing on their own people just make sure you follow the party or in this case the union line!

So as you can see their really is a huge similarity between Liebour and the Nazi party and we all know what happened to them!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Vicars dont become dirty old men.............

Oh no, THESE hypocrites have, wait for it............................................................... 'crises of faith'

Reverend David Waters, 61 was "sacked" for sending 'inappropriate text messages, in that they contained words or phrases that were unseemly and of a sexual and intimate nature' to a 16 year old girl!

Mr Waters made a full confession, admitting that on various occasions before May 2007 he sent sexual messages to her - behaviour which he later accepted was ' scandalous and offensive'.

He was suspended from his position as rector of St Catwg's Church in Gelligaer, South Wales, in June 2007, but as the girl, understood to be a regular member of his congregation, was 16 at the time, police did not investigate.

Like ALL clergy in a position of trust and he abused it but his grovelling explanation? "I was going through a crisis of faith. I felt I was unworthy to be at the altar, that I was letting God down and letting the congregation down. I'm so ashamed"
(Yeah now you have been caught at it, we bet you are!)

No doubt his yoghurt platting congregation, will wring their hands and "Turn the other cheek" so we shall give it to him straight.

David Waters your a DIRTY OLD MAN who likes pestering little girls STOP IT!

crisis of faith? Bullshit!

Muslims call us Immoral and debauched.......

LCD Widescreen TV is now seen as essential to the lives of many in the UK, (we refer of course to Lowest Common Denominator LCD or Trailer Trash TV)

Big Brother is perhaps the finest example of this simplistic, destructive and inconsequential TV genre.

Why? would anyone want, to view the mindless antics of Saffia a mindless, single 30 year old who left her two children one of which is a 7 month old baby! in the care of their Grandmother, Why? just so she could appear on Big Brother?

A Woman who, once having been in bed with, then rejected by one of the shows hand picked Lothario's, decides she now wants to leave the house! Why? she feels she is missing her kids! This is clearly a woman clearly lacking in any kind of moral turpitude or judgement. Did she not notice the advertising building up to the show

"SIXTEEN wannabes enter the Big Brother house tonight - and they're the most sexually bizarre bunch yet"

Claude Knights, director of children's charity Kidscape, said: "Leaving a baby for an indeterminate period should not be done without good reason." What was this mindless creature thinking of leaving a child of such tender years to appear on a TV show? WHY is someone not prosecuting her for abandonment? more to the point WHY is this shit considered suitable for TV?

Big Brother is designed to titillate and give a short term "shock" rush to those, so dumbed down by the mass media, numbed by the mediocrity of our daily lives and due to the UK's total lack of any kind of leadership so goalless that they can only find enjoyment in the kind of vicarious "mindlessness" BB provides them with.

The producers of such shows Do have a duty of care not only to the contestants but to those who could suffer from the activity they are inviting the contestant to indulge in, and it is about time a line was drawn holding the producers financially and legally responsible for any damages suffered by the families of the contestants.

Yet it seems the cheap titillation, ratings and the advertising revenue such shows generate are seen by many in the UK as being far more important than any kind of moral, educational or cultural values.

Perhaps the Muslims do have a point!

Do you have Muslim tendancies?

You may be turning Muslim IF

You find any of these pictures inspiring....

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.

2. You own a £1,000 machine gun and £4,000 rocket launcher, but you wont buy shoes.

3. You have more wives than teeth.

4. You wipe your bottom with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean."

5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.

7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.

8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least two.

10. You've always had a crush on your sister

Monday, 8 June 2009

They are still not listening to you.......................

European elections 2009: BNP successes 'horrific' say main parties

The major political parties have condemned as "horrific" the election of two BNP candidates to the European Parliament after a dismal showing at the polls for Labour.

Harriet Harman, Labour's deputy leader, said that she was "dismayed" by the far right's success.

David Cameron described the grouping as "completely beyond the pale", while Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats called it a "party of thugs and fascists".

They are all missing the point

The public who's wishes you ignored, and whose vote you could never buy voted them in !

Start listening and YOU might start winning, or is that too complicated for you?

Cameron not married or funny..... so why was she on?

In an astonishing mix up Channel4 Last night screened the latest episode of "celebrity Wife Swap" and in a move that can only be described as "confused" featured Rhona Cameron and Her Lesbian lover as contestants.

Cameron is not a male so she simply cannot have a wife! (Not being married is also a bit of a stumbling block) so why did we have to put up with her miserable moosh on our screen for an hour?

To add a further insult to their viewers Channel4 proceeded to describe Cameron as a "Comedienne" !!!!

Given that the primary skill set of anyone wishing to be described as either Comedian or Comedienne is that of whit or humour we are at a loss to know why Channel4 decided to describe Cameron as a Comedienne for she clearly fails on all counts there.

So seeing as Cameron clearly Fails for not being Married and she is NO comic so why the hell was she on the show? perhaps the producer fancies her!