Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Our Cunt of the week

Like ALL right thinking people I strongly believe our wonderful UK armed forces are all too often used as a "Plaster" to cover the failings of one or other of our failed politicians.

So I was particularly disgusted this morning by the British Conservative party's crass hypocrisy in using a British solider on one of their "Propaganda Posters" claiming that the money to be spent on an offering the UK public an "Alternative Voting System" (Quoted as costing £250 Million) would mean the difference between him having body armour or not!

It should be noted at this point that The UK currently provides foreign aid funding for India - a country with its own space programme to the tune of £280m a year!
Its a no brainer for me,stop wasting money on funding lazy wogs we can have a decent system of voting AND save £30 million quid a year!

But of greater interest to the UK tax payer should be the FACT that the body armour provided to our brave troops as standard issue by this self same govt is so fucking useless most of our troops actually provide their own high quality body armour at the own expense if they want to stay alive! WHY when we are giving money out to non deserving causes like India and the rest of the fucking rabble third world?

I am a conservative voter but I am disgusted by this vile hypocrisy David Cameron you are content in allowing this betrayal of our armed forces started by the socialist Labour party you should hang your head in shame.

I therefore name you the smugboards Cunt of the week

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